Minimalist Bathroom Sinks Design / Omvivo Onda Wasplane

Amazing design for modern living which requires high style to spice up life, the Onda Washplane is a sink with minimalist design from Omvivo. Joseph Licciardi, the architect who designs this lovely sink, argues that his concept is the respond to the modern bathing ritual. The constant flow of clean water comes out from silver faucet and falls down to thin and contemporary sink. Stunning, the well-proportioned flowing of the sink provides the user the unforgettable moment while washing their hands for they are able to capture the beauty of water. Available in several variations such as in single or double, the glass is smooth and clear enough for catching splashes. With many choices in color, this contemporary sink will suit an apartment as it is for elegance touch inside. No doubt, bring this unobtrusive design to your bathroom.

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